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There could be several possible reasons for this. Please try to execute your purchase a second time .Even If you have any further questions or comments, please contact us at or by phoning us at 877-768-5484 (Toll-free within the US) and we will be happy to help you with this. provides for a seven day inspection period to allow you to fully inspect your purchased item(s). In the event you decide to return your item(s), we will gladly accept your return. Please go to our "terms & conditions" page, which will provide all of the information you need to return an item to will deposit the check immediately upon receipt. Usually it takes about a week for us to receive notification that the personal check or business check has cleared, after which we will immediately package and ship your order.

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The carat weight and dimensions for each stone have been checked and double- checked here at the Laboratory. All of our gemstone measurements have been made in millimeters and the gemstone weight measured and reported in carats.

A "carat" is the equivalent of one-fifth of a gram, and 25.4 millimeters equals one inch. Gemstone varieties vary in density, meaning a one-carat Sapphire, for example, will appear smaller than a one-carat Emerald, if they are cut in a similar fashion.

Cutting style can also influence how large a gemstone appears "face up"; a deeply cut gemstone will appear smaller than a shallow cut gemstone, all other things being equal. The density value for each of the gemstone varieties can be accessed by clicking on the "Learn More About..." text above each individual gemstone web page description and picture. Basically, the higher the density of a gemstone variety, the smaller it is likely to appear "face-up", all other things being equal.

Because the pictures of the gemstones on our Website are being viewed under magnification, you should look at the dimensions for the stone from the gemstone description and obtain a measuring device to get an accurate idea of how large the gemstone you are considering purchasing will appear "face-up".

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The items which are being displayed on the website are just a very little protion of our inventory, there are many more, so feel free to ask us any thing you are looking by sending us the Query form or you can call us at 877-768-4584.
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